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Advance Auto Parts
Store #8779

740 S Rand Rd
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
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In-Store Services
  • Motor Oil Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
  • Battery Installation
  • Starter, Alternator, Battery Bench Testing
  • Loaner Tools
  • Gear Oil Recycling
  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Charging System Testing
  • *Store services subject to change. Contact store to confirm service availability.
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Advance Auto Parts Lake Zurich, IL | Store #8779

Looking for a Lake Zurich auto parts store? Choose Advance Auto Parts on 740 S Rand Rd to find what you need at an affordable price.

To do your own vehicle repairs, you need quality auto parts, ranging from truck or car batteries for reliable starting power to truck or car brakes for safe driving. In the 740 S Rand Rd store, you'll find shocks and struts for a smooth comfortable ride, what's needed for a proper tune up, including motor oil ,filters, belts and much more.

At your Lake Zurich auto parts store, there's much more than the items needed for repairs and maintenance. There are also friendly, knowledgeable Team Members who will answer questions and recommend the parts needed to do your own repairs.

For added convenience, order any quality auto parts online and pick them up at your Lake Zurich auto parts store at 740 S Rand Rd on the same day. Need more information about this store? Call 847-550-0167 today.

When quality auto parts are needed, fast, convenient service is important. Fortunately, Advance Auto Parts is open 7 days a week.

Stop by 740 S Rand Rd in Lake Zurich to find exactly what you need. For even more time savings, order what you need online and then pick it up at your Advance Auto Parts store.

If you need help choosing the right parts, ask any Team Member at your Advance Auto Parts store and get knowledgeable advice.

The Advance Auto Parts Team knows what parts are right for each job. Are you more of a visual learner? If so, then watch these auto repair videos with clear and helpful step by step instructions.

Make the Lake Zurich auto parts store at 740 S Rand Rd in Lake Zurich your store today. Call 847-550-0167 with any questions.

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Store Reviews for Advance Auto Parts Lake Zurich, IL
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3.3 Rating

Alexis Burkholder
2016-09-16 12:44:03-05
Basic auto parts store. Employees were helpful.
Review Source:

Alexis Nicole
2016-09-15 03:06:48-05
Basic auto parts store. Employees were helpful.
Review Source:

Ray Dargis
2016-08-13 02:33:03-05
Good place , employees were very helpful and knowledgeable , also very personable...that is very important to me , while your there they had a good selection of discount stuff to go through , I was pleased...and I'm a mechanic by trade .
Review Source:

Kathleen Liu
2016-06-03 02:20:14-05
TERRIBLE SERVICE. When I went there to get a bottle of paint for a touch-up for my car, I asked the older/ elderly man/employee if Pearl white would work on glacier white. He simply said, and I quote, "I can't help you with that." And simply walked away. NEVER EVER EVER GOING BACK EVER AGAIN.
Review Source:

Patricia Krucek
2016-01-15 17:10:39-06
I would like to start off by saying I chose to go to advance auto in Lake zurich illinois because my michanic had recently purchased parts for my vehicle at the Wauconda advance auto that no other auto part stores had so that made me continue my business with advance auto.In October 2015 I go to the store because my battery for my key was dieing and before it completely went out on me I wanted to get it replaced. Im in the store and the gentleman looks at me like no problem what size battery I wasn't sure, so as he is looking for a tiny screwdriver to open my key component up he tries many different screwdrivers to try and get it open from his many failed attempts. I tried to tell the man don't worry about it I have a little screwdriver at home he repeatedly tried and finally got it open replaced the battery and put the now stripped screw half way in the component because he couldn't get it all the way in! Smh I left unhappy because that's not how I brought my key to them. So as I leave I try to use my key remote and it wouldn't work so me knowing nothing about cars or the key just assumed it was because the screw was not in all the way.So long story short( lol) about 3 weeks later the store had replaced the screw after calling the store and getting no where I had to call corporate, I just picked up the new screw cause I did not want them to strip it again. As the holidays approached and with me working 2 jobs I did not have the time to take my key in anywhere else so I left it alone, that was until recently my locks on my car were frozen and I couldn't get in my car smh. When I was finally able to get in my car I took it to a dealership to have the put in the new screw,telling the guys what happened he told me my key should work without the screw in it, so he opened up my key component only to find out that the component that holds the battery in plasw was broken. Made me think that's probably why the associate was tring so hard to get the screw back in! So around Monday January 11th I called corporate to tell them what I had found out after going to the dealership and asking what can be done about this ? She emails the manager and he called me back saying this happen last year and how do we know our associate did it, as I tell him sir he was the only person to touch my keys besides me taking it into the dealership so then he continues to tell me there is nothing he can do about it cause they don't sell the keys there and don't have no way to fix it. So I call Corporate back after I get of the phone with the manager cause I'm not satisfied I brought my key in there for a battery and it ends up getting broke smh. Today Wednesday January 13 2016 I get a call from the dealership telling me if I want to replace my broken key it is going to cost me $228 +tax that is also to reprogram my key to the car! I called corporate right away to let them know an update on my key, the lady had told me she will email the manager again to let him know but she had told me he said before in the email that there is nothing there going to do for me, as of now i am waiting for the manager to call me back to see what is going to happen.So my advice to everyone that walks into the doors of lake zurich Advance Auto please keep a close on your personal property if in falls in the hands of a "parts specialist" and not a machanic.
Review Source:

Joshua Smith
2015-05-11 17:10:39-05
The people here are great...very friendly and knowledgeable. I feel confident getting parts here and listening to their advice. Prices are competitive and they offer you different tiers in quality for what might suit your budget.
Review Source:

Andy Szlezak
2013-02-05 17:10:39-06
Very helpful staff
Review Source: